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The Peter Relish Series

Peter Relish: The Sword of Hecate 

Releases November 24th 2023

Peter Relish Series Book 1

Peter Relish's life takes an extraordinary turn when he receives his deepest wish: to attend Hecate's Academy, the most renowned school for young sorcerers. Whispers of a myth about a powerful weapon capable of challenging the gods echo through the halls of Hecate's Academy. Only a sorcerer has the power to wield this sword but the gods, consumed by fear, have ordered its destruction.


But things get even worse when Zeus, the supreme ruler of the gods, threatens to eradicate every sorcerer unless the sword is found and destroyed.


Determined to save his fellow sorcerers and protect the magical world from imminent doom, Peter embarks on a dangerous adventure across treacherous lands. He must face monstrous beasts, encounter demigods, and unravel ancient mysteries alongside his newfound friends. Time is running out, and the clock ticks relentlessly as they race to uncover the sword's whereabouts.


Can Peter locate the elusive sword in time? And even if he does, can he persuade the mighty Zeus to change his mind and spare his kind?

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